Fanaa: From Time to Eternity

We approached the Giver of States in awe and reverence seeking a glimpse of that burning and annihilating ecstasy. Hearing our footsteps a voice came from the Throne of the Void, infinitely near and infinitely far from our ears, “In my perfect justice no state is dispensed in vain.”

“Tell us our Lord, what constitutes your perfect justice?”

From behind Its psychedelic veil our Shaykh spoke thus: “In my perfect justice that which persists in existence subsists in non-existence and that which persists in non-existence subsists in existence.”

“Seek annihilation by not seeking at all, for I am not found by seeking but by seeing, a seeing stripped of all looking, by pure witnessing. The seeing that finds my face annihilates the seeing that finds my trace.”

“Who art thou who dwells in the heart of the Void?”

“My essence is my face and my names are my trace. On whosoever I cast my piercing glance, whosoever has witnessed my Jamaal and blinding brilliance, is at once annihilated in its temporality and reintegrated in my eternity. That is Fanaa, the state I bestow upon my dearest folks.”

3 thoughts on “Fanaa: From Time to Eternity

  1. Tomaj, I have been meaning to ask you this for some time. It’s not even a question, rather a wondering. I would like to know your views on this.
    Is the cosmos ( Maya/ dream) a freewheeling nature of the supreme consciousness or a serious divine intent. One time, the cosmos, seems like a bottomless pit of never ending contradictions. I experience tonnes of mundane things in my life, and I realise they have zero significance, even in this worldly life. When I am focusing on some work, a memory of the past jumps in, of something childish or silly either I have done/said, or of somebody else. I wonder what significance, at this point with what I am doing, this unintended recollection could possibly have. Events like this happen with us all, like aimlessly drifting strings of cotton, with no intent in particular. Why should mundane things happen to us, if the nature of conscious projections are expressions in an attempt to know thyself with meaningful experiences positive or negative? Is it not then, like a programmer who has created a simulation, who owns it alright, but merely witnesses its running but OUTSIDE of him? Because the Supreme programmer by his own doesn’t need to seek or learn or experience anything. And because of this he doesn’t bother of events connect one another or if there are loose ends. He doesn’t seem to be seeking perfection here.
    Sure there are divine interventions, in all our lives, which make us realise, the cosmos, with all its happenings, is orchestrated meticulously by a Master to its microscopic level, and that shows there is a serious intent behind everything that happens all around us, and within us.
    Krishna, sure is, expressing himself, looking himself, in his reflections of us he makes of himself. Krishna is praising himself, worshipping, doubting, embracing, denying, and abusing himself. In the mayhem of all these contradictions, it seems as if he is simply toying with himself without any intent, without being a perfectionist . But then in cosmic scheme of things, he doesn’t merely witness, he scripts a simulation that closes all loose ends, that makes it seem as if He is personally seeking closure, with his mega brilliant project.
    Yet in this serious divine intent that is this cosmos, I don’t understand why a insignificant zero weightage memory of a past and no value whatsoever in present or future, pass by me, in its aimless zigzag drift without any destiny. That makes me ask again, is the supreme consciousness freewheeling?

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    1. RamG; thanks for your comment; I really enjoyed reading it, very rich and very true reflections. I do have similar experiences, especially sometimes during meditation where silly things, sometimes funny or profane, pass by my mind and I don’t seem to have any control over them. As to the more general question whether it’s freewheeling or not I am clueless. For me, life sometimes appears very meaningful and everything has its reason but also sometimes it appears entirely as an ensemble of random, meaningless events. What’s constant in all this is that meaning is a thing of the mind; it is the mind that finds meaning or meaninglessness (itself another meaning) in the incessant flow of conscious experience. Mind seeks meaning for it is by itself inadequate but the Self merely witnesses without a need for meaning for it is in itself perfect and adequate. But me speaking as an individual human being am clueless as to what the hell is going on in this cosmos 🙂

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      1. “What’s constant in all this is that meaning is a thing of the mind; it is the mind that finds meaning or meaninglessness..”

        Quite quite true.. although I again suspect Intent behind the scenes for a simple minded being like me performing the very act of perceiving meaningfulness or meaninglessness, for, if it were not the case, I would have had swam already the swirls of samsara. I could go on and on like this :).

        It feels good to see you say my reflections are rich :).It convinces me what I translate and understand from your writings are not that absurd after all 🙂 Thank you as always for your patient reply.

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