The Source of Reality

You are the source of Reality, yet you lend all your reality to the world and drain yourself out of reality. The things you lose in this world derived their reality from you. Reality cannot be lost or gained at the source. These world-objects are but dust passing through your light. Don’t mind their loss, for you are the source of their reality. How can light ever lose itself! You are the King of Light and void is your territory.

Let this rain pour down on me; I am the thirsty abyss of the soul. O Khorshid, pour down your Reality in me. Become one with the void so that the void becomes one with You. Let your Reality wash me away. I must become nothing so that You become everything. I long for that eternal moment where Your glance catches my glance and we become One again. You are the lighthouse and I am the lost vessel. Take me home or wake me up.

The world you see around yourself is but a thin sheet of Prakriti. Seek the moment when He lifts you up and you see through the world and into the void.

The distance between you and the One is created by the mind and filled with thought. The heavy presence you attribute to the world is the presence of His Face. Wherever you look you see nothing and know nothing but The Face. This world is nothing but a transparent veil over His ever shining Face. Don’t look down into the world; look ahead into His eyes so that His Glance may someday snatch you away.

You get only so much Reality that you ask for. To See is to realize, to make real, to bestow reality upon. If you seek infinite Reality, then you must see into the source Itself. One who realizes the source is eternally realized by the source. You will See if you must, for that which you long for also longs for you. Your longing for God is God’s running toward the mirror, toward His image. You are indeed that image. The image can only long for union and should long only for union, for nothing else is really longed for nor achieved except the return of the image to the source of its Reality. Long for that union that is attained the moment you see through the illusion of separation. No unbroken longing remains unfulfilled.

8 thoughts on “The Source of Reality

  1. “that which you long for also longs for you…” It is the longing that drives us further and further from Truth. The further we get from Truth, the more discordant and uncomfortable we become. Yet, being uncomfortable in the void you describe is synonymous with the journey of the dark night of the soul… Rather than do what is instinctual and fight the process, resist what we perceive to be “chaos”, we must find peace in stillness- in nothingness. Once we learn to be comfortable in the nothingness, once we are able to find centeredness and balance in the silence of solitude, we are able to connect with the Source and the veil of illusion is lifted. But, my understanding (albeit limited) is that prakriti isn’t merely the illusion but the source of the illusion itself- the creative source…while purusha is our experience of consciousness and how we separately and collectively experience reality. Am I making sense? These have always been difficult concepts for me to grasp but I keep cycling back around to them often.

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    1. Very true. I agree with you very much. About Prakriti and Purusha I used them in their technical sense in Hindu metaphysics. According to them at the level of Truth itself there is no distinction; no duality and hence no Purusha and prakriti. The complementary pair of Purusha and prakriti is therefore the first of all dualities. Purusha is considered to be pure consciousness and Prakriti the primordial state of indifferentiation. When Purusha acts in Prakriti there is manifestation. They’re kinda like Yang and Yin. It can be said, as you mentioned, that Prakriti is the source of illusion since all manifestation proceeds from Prakriti. However, in the state of Supreme Identity, i.e. deliverance or final liberation, one transcends both Purusha and prakriti. But after that it is realized that this transcending is itself unreal since the Self is eternally free and never bounded. Therefore, illusion too is an illusion. In metaphysics we cannot avoid contradictory statements but this is only because human language falls short of grasping the whole truth.

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