The Inexpressible Reality

“We did not come to return; we have come to rise above.”

Man is a deep well connecting the oblivion of Godhead to the personified God. He is not something suspended in the abyss; he is the abyss itself. He seeks God, not knowing he is the very ground upon which God stands. The Absolute is void, and man fills this void by relative utterances of hopes and desires. Man seeks to be enlightened, not knowing that he is the light of the world.

Know thyself?! What is to be known, and who is to know it?

Ask yourself: Who is in there? Who is looking out into this world of empty appearances? And who is looking in? No “I” is to be found. Why? Because the “I” is the one always looking. How can anything be found where the only thing that is is seeking?

God became man so to find Himself as God, and yet in this becoming He lost himself in the midst of himself. He was a whole that has become a part. Dear, don’t give too much thought to this, for to think is to make apart. You have become too partitioned; your way back is to accept you are but a paradox.

God is never known if He doesn’t fall into pieces that can reflect His face. God remained unknown even to himself unless He becomes the other, the not-God, man.  He becomes whole precisely through becoming partitioned. Man isn’t the fallen Adam; man is the fallen God.

Sit back, relax; this world has never come into being, neither did your beloved personhood. Look again deep into your own eyes and see the bottomless well that you are. Don’t be the ocean wave seeking its own source; the wave and the ocean are never apart; it is all water. Zoom in and you see only the wave, the separation; zoom out and you see only the ocean. This god of yours and its creation are akin to the ocean and its waves. How can one be without the other? They are one and the same.

You are crucified by your own beliefs. You are bound by your own bonds. Use this body only to surf this life. The surfer who thinks he is surfing the wave little knows that waves too are surfing him. Surfers don’t last; waves never cease to be. You are that wave and not the surfing body; you are the ocean itself.

These words too are nothing but waves; don’t dwell in them, for they too shall be forgotten. Words need meaning but meaning doesn’t need words. You too need no words, for you are that which is meant throughout all empty appearances. You are the inexpressible Reality.

7 thoughts on “The Inexpressible Reality

  1. Can I buy you a drink? And then quote two lines from the beauty of this post: “…your way back is to accept you are but a paradox.” and “Surfers don’t last; waves never cease to be.” Thanks for the lift!

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  2. Tomajj, would I be right in saying, the cosmos with its creation is God’s mirror so that he could ‘see’ Himself, or the cosmos with its creation is one big canvas of God’s artwork by Himself, for Himself?

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    1. Yes, exactly, that is the highest description the human mind can give. Truth in Itself remains ultimately inexpressible. God as a conscious agent is a human concept superimposed on the Real which is infinite and inexpressible, and inconceivable. Now this doesn’t mean that the Truth is not conscious or the agent, but that the truth is beyond consciousness and agency, and therefore contains both consciousness and agency as one of its possibilities of manifestation. If it is not personal it is at the same time the principle of personality; it is personal and more. So when a man prays to a personal God and has devotion toward him, he is not wasting his time. Truth being impersonal is still fully present in the concept of the personal God. It is that unconditioned and infinite Reality that appears to the devote according to the form that the devote seeks Him. And It can do so precisely because It is infinite. It is beyond personality but it contains personality as one of its modes approach. With any form with approach the Truth, whether as personal god or as impersonal principle, it responds to us accordingly. In the normal mode of consciousness we seek It as objects of the world, so the objects of the world appear and we have this experience. In higher state of consciousness we seek him thought or imagination, etc. so It appears to us in the form of thought, imagination, etc. Anything that appears, in any shape or form, is nothing but It, but It is not limited to anything that appears, to any notion or concept. What you see right now is the Truth Itself but you see of it only what you superimpose on it.
      So, what you said is exactly true and traditionally the story of creation has been mostly described as God creating something in its own image, or as you put it better God looking in the mirror and His image being the world or creation.

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