A Precious Book

The Perennial PhilosophyThe Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley
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This book is a gem, a must read, for people with even the slightest interest in the esoteric dimension of religions, any religion. It is a lucid presentation of exalting and inspiring quotes from mystics and saints throughout history. I believe it is the most comprehensive book on the subject of Sophia Perennis from the point of view of its practitioners.
Rumi, Meister Eckhart, Augustine, Shankara, etc. are among the many others whose memorable words about the Ground of Being are presented in this book.
It is one of the rare books that I can read many many time. Highly recommended.

Tomaj Javidtash

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6 thoughts on “A Precious Book

    1. I had never heard of that analogy but it is the gist of spiritual life. We usually, and myself more than anyone, lament over spiritual imperfections; I forget that it is not about my perfection but the return to Him. After all, he makes us what we are and all must do is to orient our souls toward Him. I deal with this aspect of this ego on a daily basis. It is ego that demands spiritual perfection.

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  1. but the return to him- this is visible and the most surest way in the entire history of mankind. there has been many divine devotees total who were illiterates and underprivileged as well as so called low born in Indian society have been with God while living and Indian accepted them and worshipped as demigods . as you said they too insisted – all must do is to orient our souls toward Him. the life history/story of such people played important roll in India.

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  2. Reading the works of Huxley helped me immensely in my search. The PP, along with my combined copy of Heaven and Hell and The Doors of Perception have earned a permanent place in my library!

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