5 thoughts on “Spiritual Malaise of Modernism

  1. I’d like to share a quote with you from ‘Abdu’l-Baha, “We may think of science as one wing and religion as the other; a bird needs two wings for flight, one alone would be useless. Any religion that contradicts science or that is opposed to it, is only ignorance—for ignorance is the opposite of knowledge.
    Religion which consists only of rites and ceremonies of prejudice is not the truth. Let us earnestly endeavor to be the means of uniting religion and science.
    ‘Alí, the son-in-law of Muḥammad, said: “That which is in conformity with science is also in conformity with religion.” Whatever the intelligence of man cannot understand, religion ought not to accept. Religion and science walk hand in hand, and any religion contrary to science is not the truth.” This man seems to deeply understand that one without the other cannot benefit mankind fully. Both are hollow when looked at exclusively. All of the Messengers of God have said basically the same things. All are one. Just wanted to share… Thank you, Toomajj!

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    1. Thank you for sharing this piece of wisdom. As I do agree with very much with quote but I would add that science meant in this quote can stand next to religion only in the Aristotelian sense. Modern science, however, is in principle unscientific in that it is not founded upon self-evident intuition. This modern science cannot be reconciled with religion for one simple fact that modern scientific picture of the world is not real; it is an abstraction only.
      In the later 19th century and the beginning of 20th century the reign or modern science and progressive sentiments was so strong that religious leaders, especially in India, felt they should conform to the principles of science. It was a rather obligatory compromise so to keep religion alive.
      The problem is that modern science is defined, and its methods so developed, so that it cannot see anything but material in nature. I don’t think religion ever needs science for its validity or function. This modern science can be good as any other means for serving mankind and not determining his worldview.
      I feel religions have compromised a lot in the past 500 years.
      Saying this I agree totally with the quote as the necessity of intelligence but not in the sense used in modern science. 🙂

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  2. Thank you for sharing this video. It is good to know that I am not alone in my thinking. I have a website and Facebook page called Sacred I started last year for the stated purpose of bringing the sacred into our everyday lives and to create a sacred world. In my first year of college, many years ago, after I left the Catholic Church of my youth because I learned of its direct contribution to colonialism, I read a lot of European philosophers. I read Nietzche too. But got turned off when I read his verbalized racism. I’ve been fortunate to have met, meditated with, and prayed with teachers in the Hindu and Islamic traditions. For me Buddhism embraces all and is leading science to acknowledge the power of the unseen spiritual world – at least through their studies of mindfulness. And it is knowing that we are in this kali yuga time, this time of degradation that my faith arises. For I know this too will pass.

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