Let There Be God

Of all our human traits and capacities none is closer to and more worthy of God than our silence, for any act or utterance takes away from the inexpressible splendor of truth.

The essence of spiritual life is about becoming so little and quiet that nothing but truth remains to be seen or heard. Thus, spiritual living is more like sculpting in which man must take away from his gross form rather than add to it until the intrinsic beauty of the latent form shines forth of its own accord. Each one of us is such marble stone that should be lessened and refined by ourselves until our divine form is unconcealed.

Our way toward the essence, toward the Divine Ground, is a way of detachment par excellence. Everything that adds to our mind and tongue subtracts from our soul and heart. The way toward the essence is not through the attribute.

Nothing makes us closer to God than our silence and solitude.

2 thoughts on “Let There Be God

  1. oh my mind kindly do not open the mouth , if at all u need to open do not say anything other than the god’s name. (Kabir)

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