Man wakes up in the middle of existence; he cannot remember how and why he ended up here. He doesn’t remember anything. Unable to remember, he decides to forget, to forget that he has forgotten something. In his attempt at forgetting his forgetfulness he begins to fill the surrounding void with objects of his own imagination; he is obsessed with decorating the void so he forgets he is in the void; he becomes the master decorator and he calls his business life. Little does he know that he is still in the middle of the void trying to remember how he ended up there. He makes up stories as to how he is here; he can’t help but imagine a fall; he makes up stories after stories, calls them science, philosophy, religion; he seeks as if there was something to seek for. He makes up names to account for the alleged fall: God, Self, consciousness, creation, Big Bang, world, Brahman, etc. He imagines a thing and calls it truth. He decorates the void with these idols.

How deluded is this creature! What he had forgotten after waking up in the middle of existence was that “waking up in the middle of existence forgetful of how and why he ended up here” was one of his own stories. In reality none of it has ever happened; nothing has ever happened; there is nothing to remember as there is nothing to forget. Nothing is nor is not. If truth is inexpressible it is because there is nothing to express; if Self cannot be known it is because there is nothing to know: Nothing has ever happened.