4 thoughts on “Interview with Tomaj Javidtash on Transcendental Experience & Quantum Mechanics

  1. Thank you for sharing this interview. Much of what you have said I’ve written in poetry and it underlies the root of SACRED. Thank you for joining. What I have learned of Buddhism is also like the experience you describe. I’m so grateful we met and look forward to continuing this journey through consciousness.

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    1. Thank you for listening to my interview. From my own experience I directly witnessed that we are all one sacred source, all emanating from one source, perhaps pure consciousness, though fundamentally indescribable and cannot be named. But the sense of “I” in all of us comes from that one source and is one universal Self. One can see references to this in all traditions. It is a great pleasure knowing you. The being together of souls who aim toward the awakening of the world is crucial for the happening of the goal. Feel free to share the interview if you liked it.

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