Humans never stop playing with dolls: As children our dolls are synthetic barbies, animals, babies, etc. We clothe them, talk to them, play with them, love them and hate them.

As adults our dolls are notions, ideas of our own making. We clothe them with the sense of reality and synthetic seriousness, we talk to them in our heads, we love them and get attached to them, we get frightened by them and hate them, we play with them day and night; they become our world.

As a child does not differentiate between its own existence and those of its dolls, we adults too identify with our notions to the extend that we become a notion and nothing more. For a notion we breathe, we live, and we die: Human life is the life of a notion.

In both cases we are entertained with objects of our own creation rendered real with the expense of ourselves becoming unreal. It is as if we can’t handle the truth that we alone exist and everything is us and nothing but us.