The Reign of Quantity

The body of human knowledge, including self-knowledge and self-understanding, is dominated by quantity. We know and value things based on their quantitative content. This manner of understanding experience is so rooted in the subject that one can even define human as that which sees only quantity.

I weight 140, age 30, earn 11111, spend 1111, have # of houses and cars, have slept with this # of objects, have this much or that much in my resume, walk # of steps and burn # of calories, have a 1000 friends and get a 1001 likes everyday, have this # of years of experience, have an IQ of sqrt(2), obtained a PDH which is really the number of years of solitary confinement in a subject chosen to be superior to others by # of people who hijacked my commonsense a # of years ago, etc.

At the end of the day, we are the average of the number of things we have and the number of things we don’t have: We are just so average insofar as we are dwellers under the reign of quantity.

For us it is all about having it or not having it; no one is anymore into just seeing.

To define human more precisely: Human is that which sees only quantity and likes only to have.

The mystic, on the other hand, who has transcended its humanity is that which has only quality and likes only to see.

Is it possible to arrive at a self-perception, a worldview, an understanding in general that is not ruled by quantity?!

Quantity defines us, yet quantity itself is something defined and determined by ourselves.

Or as is always the case with our species: We determine the very things that determine us.

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