Here I am

A dervish was tempted by the devil to cease calling upon God, on the grounds that God never answered “Here I am.”┬áThe prophet Khadir appeared to him in a vision with a message from God: “Was it not I who summoned thee to my service? Was it not I who made thee busy with my … More Here I am

Sufi Quotes

Sufism is the esoteric dimension of Islamic. It is concerned with objective truth which is also the ultimate reality, the Absolute and the Infinite principle. Sufis adhere to the Unicity of the Real which posits the oneness of existence. Sufi mystics also consider Plato as one of their sages worthy of sacred salutations. Here are … More Sufi Quotes

The Now

Now Now is a whirling dervish, one hand sweeps the future into the past, one hand projects the past into the future. The whirling gives the illusion of time and history, of existence and cosmos; but there is no time or history, no existence, no cosmos; there is no past, no future: There is only … More The Now