Now is a whirling dervish,

one hand sweeps the future into the past, one hand projects the past into the future.

The whirling gives the illusion of time and history, of existence and cosmos; but there is no time or history, no existence, no cosmos; there is no past, no future: There is only the eternal Now, the whirling dervish, the living present, the sole dweller of the void.

Cosmos is its whirl, truth is its face: The bystander sees only the whirl, the cosmos. One who whirls with the dervish sees the face, the truth.


Everything is made of Now.

Everything is Now in disguise: Past is a falling Now, future a rising Now; falling and rising, too, are the Now.

I am the Now; cosmos is the Now. There is only Now, the whole Now, and nothing but the Now.

Now is a whirling dervish.