We Rise Above

It is quite a bullshit theory that there are among us humans some that cope better with life’s surprises than others, that it is possible for a man or a woman to fully live life on life’s terms.

The whole of human civilization, with all of its scientific, philosophical, and artistic adventures is nothing but a roaring bazaar in the middle of a brute, indeterminate existence, a collective attempt at distracting us from the inevitable anxieties of human condition.

Everyone is escaping or at least masking the frightening face of their own indeterminate existence in one way or another. For the average people of average awareness identifying with a career, a mundane bread-winning life, or social masturbation does the job. In the modern times, the so-called educated man, the pride infomaniac, finds his hiding place in books and behind the idols of false knowledge.

If there are those who find existential pains and anxieties too unmanageable, those who have sought help in the spirits from the underworld-if you catch my drift-perhaps it is not a malfunction of their coping mechanism. Perhaps they have such deeply exposed and sensitive spirits that they experience life’s surprises and anxieties ten-fold and even a thousand times stronger than a normie.

But for them, for those who have bounced the hardest against the bottomless bottom of this existence, for them there is no choice but the go higher and higher and find refuge in the spirit of the overworld; for us there is no return but death and oblivion. For us the solution is neither in god nor in man. For us the solution is somewhere in between, in what’s been known as the Overman: We have come not to return but to rise above.

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