The Sole Dweller of The Void


The seer of truth has seen and withstood something whose sight can drive an ordinary man into psychosis and suicide. Such is the unforgiving blade of truth and why it’s veiled for the faint hearted.

The face of truth can’t be seen by any eye, for the eye of man melts in the face of the Absolute.

Objectivity is the consciousness of subjectivity, and subjectivity is the consciousness of objectivity, that is it is own non-existence.

Man is the site of this illusory entanglement and yet destined for transcendence, for man is the fountain of truth and he is holy only in being such.

The serious seeker must always understand himself in relation to the Absolute. One’s detachment from the relative is possible only through one’s attachment to the Absolute.

Man is both subjective and objective: He is subjective insofar as he participates in the relative; he is objective in…

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One thought on “The Sole Dweller of The Void

  1. Subjectivity is the fortress of the ego; it is a manifold structure that can devour one’s consciousness.
    dear you have enthralled by this post.
    in short the post may be the most modern mind’s Upanishads and all highly acclaimed works of minds of erstwhile India including Bhagavad Gita.
    Kindly don’t mistake me for this.
    I could see the essence of all wrapped in the post.
    I will give the details in my next comment why i compare it with Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita.
    Please forgive me.
    i have not praised an individual but the power the contents focus.

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