True Motion of Solar System

First it was thought that sun and other planets rotate around the Earth, which is a very natural conclusion when we look at the sky. Then, it turned out that it is the sun that is at the center while all planets, including the earth rotate around the sun. It was observed that in the second model, the heliocentric model of solar system, the motion of planets become much more simpler than in the previous model, the geocentric model; in this new model planets rotate around the sun in elliptical orbits that obey simple laws, Kepler Laws. But with the advances in astronomy it turned out that the entire Solar System rotates around the black-hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy with the speed of 830,000 kilometers per hour. Thus, the heliocentric model in which the sun is at rest while planets rotate around it is really incorrect. Instead, while the sun is moving forward the planets oscillate up and down like bouncing balls along with the sun. This kind of motion is called a vortex motion. The video shows the correct motion of the sun and its planets. This is the third model of the solar system dynamics which is the more accurate model compared to the previous ones. But to the question “what is the real motion after all?” no definitive answer can be given. Although the second model made equations easier, it cannot be said whether in reality it is the earth that is at the center or the sun. The third model too is what is observed when we look at our solar system from outside the Milky Way galaxy. Each point of view gives a different model, and it is postulated in Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity that no (inertial) point of view is superior to any other; there is no frame of reference that gives the real motion; it is not the case the in reality only one of the above models has to give the real motion, for there is no real motion independent of the observer relative to whom motion is defined. Thus, it is utterly false to say that the sun and the plants do not rotate around the earth. What is the case depends on where you are standing.

6 thoughts on “True Motion of Solar System

  1. Interesting video and comments. I interpret this as a vortex is a pattern that is mirrored in all the cosmos, as time and motion form the vortex in orbiting objects. It is often invisible except in illustrations such as in the video, but those same vortex patterns occur in living entities.

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