Object and the knowledge of object are one and the same.

Thus, object is knowledge-of object, that is: Object is of the nature of knowledge.

Subject is the knower of object; therefore, subject is nothing but an occasion for knowledge. But subject is itself an object because as it is something known: Subject is known as the knower of object; and insofar as it is something known, it too is a knowledge-of subject. Thus, subject is of the nature of knowledge.

There is nothing that is not knowledge: The knower and the known are both of the nature of knowledge since they are what they are insofar as they are known as what they are known to be. What is is knowledge, or knowing pure and simple. In other words, Being and Knowledge are identical.

In the final analysis, there is no knower; there is no known: There is only knowing.

In light of the above, universal manifestation is “The Being of Knowing” which is identical to “The knowing of Being.

Being and knowing are one and the same. Subject is an occasion for knowing while object is an occasion for Being. The supreme identity is the realization of the identity of the two complementary poles of the universal manifestation, subject and object. This is the aim of all Yoga.