6 thoughts on “Face of Truth

  1. The golden vessel is the Sun who is the visible Self of this world. The seeker of Truth prays to the Sun to reveal his own true nature and later finds that the Self in the Sun and the Self in him is the same!


  2. Another interpretation is that the golden vessel is the covering of upadhi (“I”, intellect, mind, senses and body ) which conceals the true Self. The seeker of Truth prays to the true Self to gather its rays into itself from the fragmented rays falling on the golden vessel called upadhis (limiting adjuncts), in order to reveal itself to itself!


    1. This is closer to my own interpretation of the verse; I see golden vessel as this world, world as Maya. Vessel is its form but gold is its essence. We see a vessel but there is only gold.


      1. In Veda the word Hiranyagarbha (golden womb pregnant with mass of ideas or golden egg) is used for the sum total of all ideas (cosmic). When the pure Self looks at it, the subtle world and gross worlds are created. The fascination with these worlds itself conceals the Self. In human consciousness, the “I notion”, intellect, mind, senses, body and world is the golden vessel which conceals the witness Self. It is like the Self holding the golden vessel in front of it and fascinated by its own reflection and thereby forgetting itself. As you say, it is all like various forms of jewelry made from gold, but instead of seeing gold like the jeweler the ignorant see the jewelry only! The rays of the Self has to be withdrawn from the maya (reduction) in order to know itself.

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