Take it easy but never serious

This body and mind are there in the world along other objects of the world; they are there as the tree or the river that’s there; they have nothing to do with me; they were never mine to begin with. Traditionally we put the divide between us and the world at our bodies. The body signified my share of the world, a small piece of island in which I am isolated. How on earth did we come to assume that this body has anything to do with me?! This body is as impermanent and autonomous as any other object in the world; the mind too; I only steer these thoughts once in a while; thoughts are just there like the chirping of birds, like the street noise; they always come and go like the wind that comes and goes; yet we take them personally! This body and this mind too are parts of the world and not mine; they are far from me as anything else in this world; if that tree doesn’t offend me why should a thought offend me or even draw my attention?! There is no such division as the I and the world: There is only the world.

The “I” is never part of the world; it is not an object in the world; no one has ever found or seen this mysterious “I.” This “I” is only the subject of experience of the world; it is like the screen on which the movie is projected; but the screen is never part of the movie; it has no role in it and it is never disturbed by its events; it stands there always only as the pure subject of experience. It is not even a thing in the usual sense of the world, for our idea of a “thing” is derived from the world and its content; but the “I,” being essentially otherworldly, is never a thing. To try to grasp or understand it is like a character in the movie trying to touch the screen, or the screen trying to see itself! It cannot be named or pointed at, for it is that which does the naming and the pointing. How can one ever understand or name the screen in terms of whatever that is happening inside this movie?

The screen, the “I,” in only the ground and condition for the possibility of experience; it has no other role or utility.

The “I” doesn’t move; it only experiences motion. It is not hurt; it only experiences something that we have named “pain.” The perennial mistake of man is that he thought this experience has a subject, as if there were a he or a she behind it. But this world, this experience, has no subject at all. There is no experiencer and no experienced: There is only experiencing. This is to be realized.

All these quests and questions about existence, its meaning, its origin and teleology, are parts of this movie; they are not real or genuine questions and concerns; they are not questions at all but only supporting characters. Science, religion, philosophy all happen inside this movie. Its big bang, its hereafter or god, its history and future, that how did this come to be, are all parts of the play; there is nothing outside the play, for the very idea of “outside the play” was given and rehearsed inside the play. Do as you wish, but take it easy and enjoy the play.

None is real; none ever matters: There is no question to be asked; no question to be answered; there is no mystery. There is no origin or end; there is nothing to be known; there is nowhere to go, for we never came to begin with; there is nothing to do; there is nothing to gain, nothing to lose;  it is all experience: There is only experiencing. This is to be realized.

13 thoughts on “Take it easy but never serious

  1. Very well written and the separation between seer and seen clearly shown! We identify ourselves with the body and consider the rest of the space as the world! The identification which we call as “I” is also part of the movie and can be witnessed. If the false “I” is also witnessed then it becomes experiencing. Otherwise the false “I” becomes the experiencer and suffers or enjoys with the changes in the world or the movie of the world! To come out of the movie you have to notice that you are witness to the identfication thought or the false “I” itself! The identification is not hardwired. It is only a thought repeated and therefore only a habit. Even in the world while we are watching a movie, if we don’t identify with the hero or heroine, we dont suffer or enjoy with them. That holds good for any identification with a sportsman also in a soccer or tennis or cricket match. Identification is only a created habit and by being a witness to it, the unreality of it will be exposed and you will gain your true freedom from the limited self.


  2. Life is always struggling to find the balance between the light and the dark, the good and the bad, the happy and the miserable. 

    Enlightenment is good, but whenever we realize that we are not who we thought we were, we come down to the same old problems and feelings we had before we discovered that all is illusion.

    Yes, it is illusion —  we are just images on the great screen that shows the universal movie. But the pain feels real … the hunger is palpable, the evil is just as horrifying.

    Yet, this is the price of being.  Would you rather not be?  Sorry, that is not possible, as all is one way or another. You are not what you think you are because in the final and ultimate reality, you are everything and everyone.

    How could it be otherwise when time is an ghostly illusion and the Now is eternal and all that there ever was?

    How we deal with than conundrum defines who we are. We can be a saint, a sinner, a Buddha, or a Hitler. 

    Which would you prefer?  

    Personally, I will stick with being me.  But I will make it the best me I possibly can

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    1. I would prefer with just going with the flow of now instead of being anyone, even me. Even after realization everything of life is the same; but what changes is that we being detached to what happens will just ride; it is impossible for us to ever fully be anything, be it me or else; I think realization would be the realization that we don’t have to be anything and still live. Looking at instances of pain and misery in people’s lives I see that despite the unfortunate events that happen people carry these in their minds even after the even is gone; most of our pains are those that we carry inside, thus productions of our own minds since we took them personally; But I would say if someone is enlightened in the true sense then when pain comes they suffer, but when pain is gone they won’t continue to suffer or think about it. It is never about the world or things or events in it; our state comes from how we react to these things; attachment to being something in the world is the source of unnecessary suffering; I would say identification rather than attachment; most of our pains are unnecessary ones which come due to this identification; this is the only aspect that changes after a realization; it is an inward attitude; but this too comes only when the person “sees” that he is essentially nothing in the world,; only in this seeing can he let go of identifying with things; before that people see only the world and nothing else; how can they not identify with things of the world when there is nothing else; The true self has to be directly seen in order for this realization; belief or faith or opinion or conviction never does it. It all comes to “enjoying the now” as you yourself concluded; but for most people this is just a saying; it is actually never perfectly done until they actually see that they are not worldly. Since seeing is the most certain of all experiences.

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  3. “There is only experiencing…” Wow! Such joy I felt when I thought about that! No striving, no angst, no failure (for that matter no passing). Yes, I really agree with you. This is the ultimate of the meaning of the word detachment. Great and thank you as always!

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  4. A very interesting reply. “I would say if someone is enlightened in the true sense then when pain comes they suffer, but when pain is gone they won’t continue to suffer or think about it.”


  5. dear the beauty is that u gave a direct insight in the game of knowing self by stating “seeing is the most certain of all experiences.” as the SEEING can be done /possible only by individual or aspirant. most teachers would say i can make u see. only truly realised can free the learner from his clutches from the beginning and i observe this feat in ur blogs. great is the ways of great teachers.
    salutations with prayer for good health.

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    1. Thank you partha; yes as you say seeing is done by the aspirant; the guru guides and points to but cannot do the seeing for the aspirant; the guru is necessary since the seeing of truth is different from normal seeing; thus, it is possible to get misguided; the guru should be there to tell the aspirant what truth is not; but what truth is can only be seen directly.


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