Selfing of The Self

I world; therefore I am

The body feels,

The mind thinks,

The intellect sees,

The Self worlds.

The feeling, the thinking, the seeing, and the worlding are rays in the pure and noble gaze of the supreme Self.

A detached gaze dwells in the depths of void; that is all and all is that.

There is no seer; there is no seen: There is only seeing; that is all and all is that.

There is no body, no mind, to intellect, no self; there is only feeling, thinking, seeing, and worlding.

The supreme Self is the self of the feeling, the self of the thinking, the self of the seeing, and the self of the worlding: All these are the Selfing of the Self.

There is only Selfing: The Self Selves and selves; it Selves itself and it selves us.

The Supreme Self is all and all is the Supreme Self:

The Supreme Self is the supreme Selfing and unSelfing of the Eternal Now.

Self Selves; therefore we are

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