Mystical Union: Transcending the Cosmos by Pure Seeing

Mystical union occurs outside space and time, so one can say that to become fully naked is to transcend both space and time. And in transcending space and time, the mystic transcends all opposites, and in so transcending it also encompasses all things, including all pairs of opposites, space and time. In mystical union, all opposites are reintegrated into the dimensionless, ever present origin. Some have called it the Void. … More Mystical Union: Transcending the Cosmos by Pure Seeing

Finding Consciousness

There is no shortage of literature trying to pin down what consciousness is. Every field claims expertise over it: the natural scientist attempts at reducing it to inert matter or physiological processes. The psychologist sees it as a collection of mental states. The philosopher views it as the principle of cognition. The spiritualist sees it … More Finding Consciousness