Life & My Online Tutoring Business

It’s been too long of a break in blogging for me, and I am not at all pleased about it. So, my apologies to my dear readers!

But what happened? Well, I became very busy over the past few months working to start my own business. There was way more work than I had anticipated: outlining a business plan, market research, browsing for necessary software and online platforms to run the business, and above all designing a website on my own with no web design experience, which was both fun and frustrating, but I am happy with the results, at least until something crashes or falls apart.

So, after all the work, and on top of it dragging the guilt of being inactive in my personal blog, I managed to launch my business on September first, and now the marketing and running the business is my daily routine, which by the way I am really enjoying. But I also wanted to sneak my head out and hey everyone, and hopefully recommit to my blog again as much as I can.

And what’s my business? It is a private tutoring company offering online lessons, in the U.S. and globally, in mathematics and physics to high school and college students. Of course, I am not new to this type of work. I have been a full-time tutor teaching academic math & physics and test prep subjects such as SAT & ACT over the past several years. I’ve been part of the leadership of some of the most successful tutoring centers in my area and have extensive experience in designing curriculum and training and managing other tutors. However, with recent changes in my life circumstances and my future goals pressing themselves upon me, I decided to start my own business and promote and practice my own teaching philosophy.

So, if you’re interested to know more about my professional work and services, check out my website at, and please feel free to share it with anyone that might benefit from it. I offer only online sessions which in my experience has been the best and most helpful model for high school and adult students as it allows me and my students connect across different time-zones. I strongly believe that distance and time-zone shouldn’t keep the students and their best-fit tutors apart. Who knows, maybe a student’s best tutor match in both personality and learning style is across the ocean or on the opposite coast!

Enough with business. I certainly don’t intend to distract the focus of my personal blog for promotional reasons. So, this would be my first and last post about my tutoring business. But I am making a commitment to myself to post relevant content, as always on spirituality and philosophy, once a week if not more. Spirituality, and writing and updating this blog which just turned eight btw, fulfills my deepest needs in a way that no other external thing can do, and I need it now along with my readers more than ever.

So grateful to be back where I belong, where I blog…

5 thoughts on “Life & My Online Tutoring Business

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal professional activity with us. This new expedition of business may throw more light on people who struggle not good at both professional and spiritual. Now we may get how to manage both together.

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