The Twilight Zone

Cosmos is the twilight zone between the light of god and the darkness of nothingness; in it things are constantly passing away, from light to darkness, from birth to death.

Don’t mind your death; all things pass but the passing stays, and you are that passing itself.

You are not a thing, not a human, nor an angel; you are also not nothing: you are a no-thing and the very condition for the thinghood of all things.

You are sheer existence!

Drop this human mask and merge back into that nameless ocean. Come with me down the rabbit hole.

To merge into my infinity, to sip the waters of immortality, you need only to look into my eyes. Die to your little self if you seek the highest Self.

No creature has looked into my eyes and lived after. There is not return from the sight of my face.

Come friend! Come with me down the rabbit hole. Turn your head and look at me! Fall back into my eternal gaze.

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