Hell is Blindness in Heaven

The present moment with all that’s happening in and around it is a canvas with some paint on the side. It is up to me how to look at it and what to make of it.

Heaven and hell are not places in this world or the other world; they are the reflections to myself of what I choose to paint on my canvas here and now.

Heaven and hell are the states of my perspective and not of the perceived.

2 thoughts on “Hell is Blindness in Heaven

    1. As spiritual beings we know by instinct how to do it but we have forgotten. I can only share my experience here: what has helped me to do it, at least to the best of my ability, is daily meditation and prayer. It can be brief but consistency is more important. Such routine gradually puts us in a mindset where we make the best out of each moment by nature. We don’t need to force anything. All comes naturally when we’re in touch with our true self on a regular basis. And this contact for me has come through daily meditation.

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