Be Not

All doubts are removed, all past and future gone, with one sublime glance of the Solitary One. Pray for the unconcealment of that blessed moment in which His glance catches yours and annihilates all separation and duality, and all things merge in one eternal glance.

You mad people of this age, with your heads cut off and running aimlessly with a bleeding soul! Truth is the simplest of all things only if you could See. Alas, Seeing is forgotten. The seeing you take for knowledge is a veil over the unblinking eyes of the One.

There is a seeing that veils and a Seeing that unveils. The seeing that you see veils the Seeing that you can’t see, and you can’t see It because You are It; You are the Seeing: Tat Tvam Asi.Β 

How can you seek to remove the veil when you are the veil?! Seek not, know not, and be not, for all that appears to exist exists not.

13 thoughts on “Be Not

  1. Very Insightful! I wish more people could realize the truth. We are so entangled with the physical world, we refuse to acknowledge or perceive anything that isn’t tangible!

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    1. Swetha, thanks for your kind comment. What you mention is precisely the issue, entanglement in the sensible and the tangible. Now modern physics is showing us that Reality in its foundations needs not be tangible or sensible but purely intelligible and indivisible, e.g. wave functions, etc. Though realization has nothing to do with science, but science could suggest or indicate certain things indirectly.
      Thank you for visiting my blog.

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      1. See, that is good news, makes me hope that some day we can all expect a sane unification of Science and concepts of spirit science/ parapsychology/ pseudoscience etc. And with enlightened intellectuals such as yourself, I am certain it will! πŸ™‚ It was a pleasure reading your post, looking forward to more!

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      2. Thank you Swetha M. I am also enjoying reading your posts which touch the heart. And I too look forward to reading more of your wonderful writings.
        Love & Peace

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  2. How did you attain this realisation? I am interested in knowing your story . Please let me know if you have already written about it (I am still wading through your older posts). Or did you attain it slowly and eventually through self-enquiry? Thank you.

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    1. In general, the path to one and the same realization is available in all religious/spiritual traditions; the differences are only at the level of method. I personally pursued the path of Jnana Yoga as I am more of a contemplative kind of person. The path and the method should be appropriate to the nature and temperament of the individual.
      But it is important to know that we are all eternally in the state of realization; it is just that we are not aware of it. So, I am no different than you or anyone else, especially that our individual aspects are ultimately illusory, all being one and the same Reality. My path went through this esoteric philosophy called Transcendental Phenomenology. It takes years to develop the correct orientation toward realization because the mass education we get today directs us more toward ignorance than knowledge; so everything must be unlearned. But the ultimate transition into the unconditioned state is always and for everyone an abrupt and immediate transition because it is a transition from temporality to eternity which cannot be subject to any duration. To put it simply, you are that unconditioned reality, and the path to realize it is not by adding more thoughts and theories to our minds but to withdraw the mind from things by which we are conditioned, i.e. that we are conscious human beings, that we are subject of experience, have a mind, etc. All these are to be negated or forgotten. I went through a similar kind of procedure but the ultimate experience remains inexpressible and ineffable, and we are advised against sharing it, not so much because I want to hide it, but rather because everything put into expression is not That. So, any description is false and can only mislead others by way of anticipation. I hope I could answer your question.
      And thank you RamG for visiting my blog and leaving great comments πŸ™‚


  3. Thank you and I fully understand. Words cannot describe this experience and there is a risk of misinterpretation as well here. But lot of stuff you say here makes sense to me intuitively. And I can never imagine explaining that to somebody , not in the way you do. One example is your ‘Morphology of truth’ posts. I doubt that post will make sense to anyone who isn’t introduced to the notions of self-inquiry. Seeing is a cognitive experience and (any) cognitive experience has an underlying truth that predisposes any existence. Unless we are used to observing our experiences and thought, this cannot be fathomed. But all our lives we are being insisted to delve into the morphology of existence instead.
    And sadly, I cannot shirk from it entirely because I need to pay my bills every month πŸ™‚

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    1. That was a great way of putting it RamG. Unfortunately bills have become a chain, and I am in the same situation :). I share with you the following link which discusses the outline of the method that was instrumental for me. And please know that you are at the verge of that realization, and when that is the case no bills can stop you. Please keep in touch and leave comments for me as I find them profound and insightful and enjoy them very much.


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