Your World is Your Face

What Do We Really Look Like?

Well, we may think we look like this:

Portrait of a man in a tee shirt smiling to camera
What I think I look like

But really, we always look like this:

Close-up Of A Person Chatting On Social Website In Office. Photographer owns copyright for images on screen
What I really look like

Don’t be too concerned with what you look like. Your face is not what you look like; it is what others look like when they’re looking at you. You on the other hand, you look like whatever you’re looking at. You wanna look beautiful, then look at beautiful things.

Your world is your face

3 thoughts on “Your World is Your Face

  1. HaHa…then, Tomaj, I will look at you! Love the premise. In complete humility (she humbly says,) I enjoy how I look!

    I will, no doubt, regret posting this silly comment…but, I ‘get’ what you are saying. You are a fun person…you go from the depths of spirituality, philosophy & science to the lightness of every day being. Perfect balance.

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  2. spirituality is fun.and life as a whole is fun.there is a title in Tamil which says humor and fun is the original nature of man.the life of Krishna is the excellent explanation of how we are fundamentally fun only. reference book- Bagavatham.
    with lots and lots of love and fun.

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