The Holy Gaze

World is a mirage in the gaze of the Onlooker.

This world! This world is nothing but the gaze trapped in the maze of its own making. What is is truth dreaming it is man seeking the truth.

The seeker must at once free the gaze that is entangled in its own fantasy, the world.

The point of this existence is to find the gaze and liberate it. The way out of this maze is to realize that we are at once the maze and the one in it.

Liberation Par Excellence, that is to realize there was no bondage in the first place.

The true seeker is not so different from a kamikaze :), for she knows that the gaze is freed only upon her death; she knows that she must die to achieve immortality.

If all this seems paradoxical it is because it is so; and what is paradox but the state of a consciousness trying to grasp the infinite gaze with a finite mind! Paradox is fitting the ocean in the pond. The gaze itself is pure and simple; paradox is only of minds and men.

The seeker who frees the gaze from the bondage of that beginningless acceptedness, that seeker is forever annihilated in all its personal aspects; what remains is neither the world nor the Onlooker but only the gaze itself.

The seeker must die before dying. It will be known only after her death that there was no death in the first place; she was never born to begin with, and in fact it will be known that she never was. It will be known only after that incomprehensible Return that there was no return at all, that we had never left our home, that the sense of separation was itself part of the mirage in the gaze.

Hence Vico’s maxim: “We can only know what we have made.”

Only upon annihilation it is known that the seeking too never really happened, that nothing ever really happens, that there is nothing to seek as there is nothing lose, that the immortal gaze of the eternal now has been forever free, dwelling in the void and immersed in absolute silence of home.

The Sole Dweller of the Void, that Inexpressible Ray that removes all bondage and ignorance in one glance, that is not a thing; it is pure gaze: It is The Holy Gaze.

9 thoughts on “The Holy Gaze

  1. few words i love to share here. the points i make here are mere repetition.the following are words of Lord krishna in the midst of fiery war. in the 63rd the supposed to be God gives full freedom to HUMAN but guides him again in 66th. for elaborate explanation kindly refer Bhagavad Gita. the comment is here not for Tomajji to follow but others who follow his post could gain from one of ancient texts.
    i ask forgiveness if any one feels offended by this. the wisdom received by Arjuna (human of high talent of that time) could have been sufficient but Lord out of compassion tells him to shun everything he holds and realise the truth/liberation.
    62. Fly unto Him for refuge with all your being, O Bharata; by
    His grace you shall obtain Supreme Peace (and) the Eternal
    63. Thus, the “Wisdom” which is a greater secret than all
    secrets, has been declared to you by Me; having reflected upon it
    fully, you now act as you choose.
    66. Abandoning all DHARMAS, (of the body, mind, and
    intellect) , take refuge in Me alone; I will liberate thee from all
    sins; grieve not.

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