Morphology of Truth I

Truth, if it exists at all, cannot be formulated or fit into a system. Truth cannot appear in the form of a proposition, for proposition is by definition refutable while truth is by definition irrefutable.
Proposition belongs in the ontic sphere, realm of Being, while truth is essentially meontic, beyond-Being.
Truth cannot be a matter of fact.
Science being a body of facts and propositions is in principle inadequate in the face of truth. Science cannot rise up to truth, for it is science in the world while truth is science of the world.
Philosophy as long as it produces propositions and intellectual convictions is as inadequate as religion in pointing to the truth.
Religion is not about truth in itself and for itself; it is about what man likes the truth to be.
God being the relative absolute is the humanized absolute. Man is relative; the Principle is absolute; thus, man cannot but conceive of the principle in the form of the relative absolute, God and creation.
The perennial philosopher, however, when drops the human cover is able to stand up to truth and grasp the absolute principle precisely as the absolute principle.
God, creation, faith, and man all are worldly for the perennial philosopher. Then man of faith, love and devotion, and worship, the man of religion, wants truth for his own sake, for personal interest, on earth or in heaven. Perennial philosopher wants the truth for the sake of truth itself. He grasps the truth because he has become the truth. The human disguise has to fall for the dawn of truth.
Truth always transcends the many names and forms in which it is expressed. Truth transcends its own expression, for all expression is itself expression by the truth, in the truth, and under the truth.
Proposition is a fact within the grasp of reason while truth transcends reason and is grasped only by pure intellect.
Reason is the fallen intellect.
Fact is the fallen truth.
Proposition is the fallen experience.
Man is the fallen God.
World is the fallen consciousness.
Scientist is the fallen philosopher.
Modern philosopher is the rotten perennial philosopher.

Truth is not an intellectual conviction; it is not a belief or an object of faith. One can believe or have faith in anything one wishes. One can hold any intellectual conviction. Truth, however, transcends the individual choice. It is not about what I like to be the case but about what is. Truth is seen when I am removed.
Truth is always right in front of me; it is obstructed by my own visions of truth. Let go of everything that is about “me” or “mine” and then you shall see the truth right away. Then you will wonder “how could I not see it? How on earth did I miss this?”
Truth is the direct realization of the Supreme Identity: The seeker, the sought, and the way are one and the same.

4 thoughts on “Morphology of Truth I

    1. Thank you for your comment question. The transformation is so deep that may not be at first outwardly obvious. The thing is that everything keeps going as usual on daily basis but the attitude behind them is different. There is a deep detachment from all actions and thoughts. You do things your best but don’t expect and hope it to go any particular way; and this not as a moral virtue but because you have seen that none of it is real or matters. What we do doesn’t matter at all. So due to this detachment there is less pain. But as long as the body and mind exists there will be up and down since body and mind are parts of the impermanent world; they’re not mine; so despite up and down I stay detached.
      But the main challenge as you mentioned as my academic course. As a physicist we believe in a world described by science. After my incident, though I love physics and mathematics I no more believe in the reality of physical world. But I believe physics is a science of manifestation, and in being so must reflect the principle. Thus, my pursuit of my phd in physics is to unite physics and metaphysics. This was the biggest change for me. In general there is much less problem with things; it is easier to bear things that seem unbearable, since you know that there is nothing but Self. I rather play the role of witness rather than a doer. Things get done; I just do what comes next. None of it really matters. All of it comes natural and from within since it is based on direct intuition of truth; I wouldn’t be able to do it if it was based on faith or belief.
      I hope I answered your question 🙂

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    2. To add, there is something deep changed that you are never the same again. Although it happened a year ago, I cannot remember what it was like living without knowing this; I can’t imagine how I lived without knowing it. There is no minute of my day that I don’t think about what I saw. It becomes the only thing that matters, and from last year not only it didn’t fade but gets stronger and stronger. Every atom of my being is centered around that. And of course you too are that. There is absolutely no difference. There is only one Self and nothing else. Now imagine there is nothing but yourself; naturally there would be no worries or fears since there is nothing but you so to hurt you. “I am the lord of the universe.” But the “I” is not the human I or me. It is the supreme Self of all.

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  1. oh my dear javid. my guru used to explain humility is true when u become or realize SELF. in your case it is direct in your words above. i could get entire truth in your saying ““I” is not the human I or me”. some in our knowing used ask have seen god but none ask have u seen or know a realized living person. if some ask me i can say yes and add not one but two. ur reply to my question reminds me of KING JANAKA of our ancient Indian texts when i read your “it is easier to bear things that seem unbearable,”( this i could say with certainty due to grace of my guru)


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