Destined for Greatness

The Path to Greatness Situation is outward identity; identity is inward situation. Identity is something always situated; it is always in a relationship with the other. The identity of the other is not fixed but rather a function of the other identities to which it is related. Identity is not an alien entity put into … More Destined for Greatness

A Non-Dual Perspective on The Big Bang

Existence As The Grand IllusionĀ  The similarities between Quantum Physics and Plato’s theory of Forms is so astonishing that one may even view quantum theory as a mathematical formulation of Plato’s theory of Forms. Plato’s fundamental forms are regular solids of Euclidean Geometry. The fundamental forms of quantum physics are elementary particles which are not … More A Non-Dual Perspective on The Big Bang

Addiction to the World

Man is addicted to the world. Modernism was the last enabler. Postmodernism is theĀ leading cause of man’s overdose on world. Postmodernism is man’s rock bottom; it is the lowest we could ever go; it is the ultimate demise of the intellect whose worst symptom is the now fashionable atheism. Postmodernism is where man would do … More Addiction to the World