Transcendence is not a human possibility because humanity is itself a transcendental possibility of consciousness.
We are not human beings with consciousness. We are only experienced to be human beings with consciousness.
It is not humans who are conscious. It is consciousness that experiences itself as humanity.
Only consciousness can know and say that it is consciousness.
Nothing can exist but consciousness.
If natural phenomena could exist apart from consciousness, and if consciousness is a natural phenomenon, then consciousness could exist apart from consciousness, that is, there could exist consciousness without there existing a consciousness at all; or, consciousness could exist without being conscious of itself as consciousness. This again amounts to saying that there could exist conscious experience without it being someone’s experience: Consciousness could exist without there existing a conscious agent!

That consciousness is a product of material processes is the most ridiculous superstition that science could ever come up with; it is even more childish than the mythical tale of a moralist god creating the universe a few thousand years ego.

In its rebellion against Christianity, science replaced one superstition with yet another: It replaced Christianity with scientific materialism; it replaced god with matter; it replaced church with academia, theism with atheism, Scholasticism with Scientism, scholastic hypocrisy with academic fascism.

If theism was the fashion of Middle Ages, atheism is the fashion of Modern Ages. Just replacing names doesn’t change the underlying rigidity of the idol and its blind followers. What is fashionable is by definition a brand, a fix for the pseudo-intellectuals of our times so hypnotized with the lure of science that they fail to see science is pure and simple an all too human tradition: One who accepts science and its Dawkins as superior and unquestionable sources of authority is enslaved to dogma as the one enslaved to religious dogma.

Only an idolater finds idols.

Only if one were exposed to the unimaginable levels of corruption in academic circles one would be more cautious in one’s worship of science. Let us make it clear to ourselves: Once a person, the scientist or the philosopher, makes a career out of the pursuit of truth, thus using the currency of self-proclaimed facts to feed an image and a family as a respected scientist with such and such accredited papers, then the academic truth becomes a whorified truth having to sleep with the public opinion of academic circles; their truth is just a self-interested motive with the mask of truth.

Truth can never emerge from science or academia, for no human being is so self-absorbed more than the modern scientist and its fascism toward any alternative mode of inquiry into truth. Science and its materialism will do to itself what church and its scholasticism did to itself: A universal revolt against itself.

It is no wonder that quantum physics after carefully probing the fabric of existence came back home with the news that “there was no matter down there; what we saw was what we put there ourselves.”

Hopefully there comes a day that man actually becomes a rational being for the first time.