The Real Fall

The fall of human being from paradise was not an event but an ongoing process. The fall never ended; we are still falling: We are in falling.

This falling is a falling away, a being thrown outwardly, from eternal presence: The falling is a falling away from the center which is the dwelling place of presence and bliss.

The Fall is not the falling of man; it is the falling of god, the falling of god into man: Our humanity is itself the falling: To be human is to fall, to fall away from the center, to be thrown out of presence.

The existential anxiety, the nausea of man’s groundless and inessential existence, is the centrifugal effect of the fall.

Eternal falling is everywhere we look: The all-pervading motion in our universe is oscillatory motion around a center, a rotation on a perimeter; this motion is the archetype of eternal fall, for it is only in such motion that the object is constantly falling away while never getting close to the end of the fall. The falling is everywhere, and everything is falling.

Man is the fallen god.

Reason is the fallen intellect.

Faith is the fallen intuition.

The fall, the falling, is characterized by forgetfulness, by bondage and captivity.

Forgetfulness is the forgetfulness of home, of who we were before the fall, of our real abode, the presence, dwelling in absolute silent void.

Bondage is bondage to the falling itself, bondage to false euphoria, bondage to forgetfulness.

Captivity is the captivity of light, of pure and noble gaze of consciousness captivated by its own ideas and daydreams, by the ideas of the fall, bondage, and liberation.

Yet the falling is nothing but a dream from which we have to wake up or else be the sleepwalking gods that we are.

We must wake up from the dream of humanity, from our captivation in the illusion of separation.

Even as a consciousness in dream that appears as diverse subjects which are the projections of the ideas in the subconscious, we and our world too are ideas in the subconscious; we are the outward projections of one single consciousness:

We all live in god’s subconscious: We are characters in god’s subconscious, each being the manifestation of one of its infinite ideas. But all these characters are none but god itself, god as pure experiencing consciousness lost in and captivated by its own daydream.

It is all a daydream.

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