The Ecstasy of Consciousness

World is the ecstasy of consciousness:

I experience myself as contained inside this world; yet, this world is the content of my consciousness; world is essentially something contained.

But how can content, the world, come to contain its container, the subject!?

How can content, the subject, know of its own containment if it is not at once transcendent to its container, the world!?

This is a phenomenological illusion caused by the ecstatic character of time and consciousness. In reality the subject is logically and ontologically transcendent to the world: World is essentially nothing whatsoever.

Consciousness is both itself and out of itself: When it is itself it is the “subject.” When it is out of itself it is the “world.”

World cannot exist without subject; and no subject is worldless.

Subject is Yin; World is Yang; Consciousness is Yin-Yang.

Life is the ecstasy of time.

World is the ecstasy of consciousness.

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