The Story of Creation

The story of creation is pretty simple if we don’t get caught up in the literal meaning of words. Here it is:

God created man. Later He saw that the product is defective: Man forgets. God then announced a factory recall; we know it as revelation. The decision on our part is either to choose to return to him or not. Of course the decision, if made in the positive, is not a one time thing; we must renew it constantly or else we tend to forget, which is the very reason behind the recall. In other words, our return to the factory is done through the constant remembrance of God. Salvation is really the getting back into the factory. When we get there we are already cured, for the treatment wasn’t so much in the factory as it was on the Way consisting of remembrance. Since we are cured, we remember what we had forgotten: We remember that we had never left the factory, that we were never defective, that we had never left Him to begin with, that the story of creation was our own story made up to fill in the place of the forgotten truth, that we never left the origin. Not that we are God; He is but we are not. It is this Truth that cannot be spoken.

3 thoughts on “The Story of Creation

  1. Sorry for my absence, I’m trying to catch up on missed posts! I think I’m ready to go back to the factory and have the default factory settings re-established. : P Overall, a great analogy.

    I tend to look at the biblical creation story in particular as the ego’s projection of its own story, in an attempt to give it divine authorship. According to the ego, God is responsible for this mess. He created the world. He created human beings with separate, autonomous wills. He tempted us, He punished us, He pursues us in our lives. In the ego’s account, God knows of the world and wants us to be happy here. He calls for sacrifice and death in order for us to be saved from ourselves. What madness this is!

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    1. We missed you Reverent. We also miss the factory and the default setting :).
      As you say this ego’s first job is the production of narratives, precisely what veils the eternal now, the kingdom of heaven.


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