Life is the dream of separation; it is our reality and God’s nightmare.

We are characters in the subconscious of a daydreaming God. As all characters of subconscious are expressions of the tendencies within one consciousness, we too though appearing separate from one another are one n spirit and essence and only different in temperaments and inclinations; or we may metaphorically say that “you are me in a parallel world.” This is allowed because we can view each person as the ground of a world-perspective; I can see you but I can never view the world from your perspective; at best it will be your perspective from my perspective! Your perspective, your subjectivity, is strictly inaccessible to others. But this inaccessibility entails the existence of other egos within all perspectives; in other words, my perspective always includes other egos with inaccessible perspectives: Although you are transcendent to me, your transcendence is immanent in my consciousness. However, I as this ego am something defined and known strictly within my own perspective. All the egos, including myself, are mutually exclusive alternatives, or parallel ego-worlds, coexisting within an absolute consciousness that contains all possibilities at once.  This ground from which all perspectives emanate is both immanent and transcendent; this ground is the eternal Godhead. Thus, human egos, which are world-perspectives, constitute a spectrum of mutually exclusive alternatives or world-narratives. We all exist within God as all possibility: We are real relative to one another and the world; but relative to God we always remain pure possibility, and this being necessitated by God’s infinitude, unity, and unicity.

Let us restate this paradoxical state of affairs: We exist only as pure possibilities within God; but being pure possibility relative to God we are real relative to ourselves; we interact with one another in a shared world! We as pure possibilities can become conscious of and interact with one another while remaining pure possibility relative to God. This state is no more a metaphysical mystery. It is the cornerstone of Quantum Physics: What makes the quantum world so strange is that the pure possibilities, though not yet observed, interact with one another and create real, observable effects! This is the very nature of the underlying reality, a reality which is always a whole and never divided.

We are always united whether we want it or not, for there has never been a division to begin with.

This world with all its joy and suffering, love and hatred, laughter and beheadings, is just a dream, something of the nature of pure experience. If not, then our planet must be another planet’s hell*.

It is of utter ignorance wrapped in arrogance if one presumes all religions and spiritual disciplines have been the results of man’s mere fancy, expressions motivated only by animal drive and without any objective value. If this be the case, then science too which is a human expression must be devoid of all objective value, and hence its assertion about the futility of religion cannot be scientific, that is rational, at all. For according to science, science itself can only be the expression of scientist’s repressed animal drives, as if the adolescent who isn’t physically and mentally strong enough to respond to bullies and attract the opposite learns to overcome his/her insecurity by making it the object of investigation and reducing the strong to mere physiological constructs! This was letting science have a taste of its own medicine. If we take science seriously, then we must admit that scientific theories and conclusions cannot have any objective value since they are through and through motivated and biased by scientists’ repressed animal drives.

Thus, ignoring those ignorant men and women wrapped in arrogance we must admit that there lies a perennial truth of which all religions and spiritual disciplines are different expressions. This of course is an admission by the benefit of doubt. But we are more serious than that, for we know of thousands of mystics who have actually seen that truth directly. A truth that cannot be seen can never be known to exist, let alone being the only thing that exists.

If certain people choose to believe in truth, that is if they like the divine perfume of faith and devotion, truth will expose and unfold itself according to their desire. But if there are those who must see the truth, those who are not inclined toward faith, the born philosopher, then truth will, by necessity, reveal itself to them directly, appearing in its infinite glory before the eyes of the seeker; but one must beware that the seeker who sees that truth will melt in its ego and personality before the Holy Radiation: They lose their earthly eyes for the sake of the vision of truth, for the eye that sees the truth cannot be the eye of anyone but truth itself.

Now, there is no way to explain this supernatural seeing to the seeker who hasn’t yet experienced it, no more that one can explain what it is like to see to a blind person. Here lies the grand leap of faith, the only faith, that the born philosopher must take: He/she must have faith that there is a truth and that he/she will see it. The very ability to have such faith is embedded in man’s spirit: It is our instinct to seek the truth, and the reason we do so with such iron faith is that we are the truth. Thus, our relation with truth is one of forgetfulness. God, the essence of our spirit, has fallen asleep dreaming it is man seeking God. This constitutes the irony of our existence, that which has made both comedy and tragedy a possibility, that which shows that our humanity is not our essence but a showcase of smiling and frowning masks.

We become closer to seeing the truth to the extent that we desire its sight. This is all that can be said and let it be your only possession in the path.

* A phrase of Aldous Huxley