I have seen the Truth

NOEMAYA was born in the fall of 2013 as a sacred space to preserve and propagate the echoes of a spiritual breakthrough in the life of the author, a singular event that happened in a late summer night of that same year. This spiritual event constituted for the author the conclusion of a spiritual journey from the false to the true but also set in motion a second journey, a return as it were, from the true to the false; such return is the inescapable fate of whosoever stares into the abyss of his soul and sees eye to eye the indwelling Spirit.

If there has been no mention or even attempt at a description of this spiritual experience, and here even the word ‘experience’ is too inadequate, it is because the perfect homogeneity of such spiritual state is not susceptible of any human mode of description.

NOEMAYA is set to communicate to the sensitive soul and the fellow traveler the presence of an eternal and incorruptible center, a source of infinite bliss and wisdom, in the heart of every man and woman. This is the truth of which all mystics have talked and to which they have all pointed; It transcends all dogmas and theoretical constructs. This truth is ours and it is us.

Here you will find topics from western and eastern philosophies to sacred and secular spiritual traditions, of magic and mythology, of physics and metaphysics, sometimes in technical form but more so in soft prose and delicate poetry. In short, NOEMAYA is a portal to Perennial Philosophy.

I am a graduate of the University of Maryland in theoretical physics. I left academia to pursue my professional passion which is teaching mathematics and physics to younger generations. I published my first book in 2014, titled “Nondual Perspectives on Quantum Physics,” which is a comparative study of the philosophy of quantum physics, Advaita Vedanta metaphysics, and Husserlian Phenomenology; this book is the first volume of a series known as “nondual perspectives” which is devoted to the philosophy of nonduality.