The Veiled Revealer

What is that thing through which we see everything? Light.

What is that thing which in principle can never be seen? Light.

What is light? Light is the dark revealer; itself veiled, it unveils everything else.

And the light of this world is only the shadow of that Intelligible Light which shines in your dreamless sleep, the home to which you return every night after a day of surfing on the ocean of life. Though you can never describe the dreamless state you know for a fact that it is a state of your reality. You don’t know what it is but you know that it is. Like dreamless sleep, Truth too is beyond whatness: It is but It is free of being anything in particular.

Whoever claims that there is no consciousness in dreamless sleep is claiming two things that contradict one another: First, by saying so he/she admits that there is such a thing as dreamless state, as opposed to a dreaming or a waking state. But then he denies in it the very existence of a consciousness that must be there in order for him to know about such a dreamless state. Exactly how did you “know” that there isn’t consciousness in that state? You must have been there yourself in one form or another! And if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t even know about it, let alone talk about it.

In dreamless sleep there is certainly no cognition going on but consciousness is there ever present as it is in all other states of consciousness. So this state should be characterized with the absence of cognition rather than the absence of consciousness, the latter leading to contradiction.

If there is no experience in dreamless sleep it is because there is no cognition to be illumined by the ever shining light of consciousness. Cognition is entirely conditioned and determined by the psycho-physical constitution of the individual being while consciousness is universal and transcendent to the plane of nature cognition.

Experience arises when the Intelligible Light, i.e. consciousness, is reflected back to Itself off of a non-consciousness, matter or cognition. In the absence of a non-consciousness, of a duality, there is nothing to reflect the light of consciousness so that no experience arises; however, the light is still there.

Same is true of the light of this world: That the outer space is dark, as opposed to our sky, is because there is no air or matter to reflect the light. In fact, the empty space is filled with visible light. We cannot see it because light, Intelligible or worldly, is the dark revealer: It only manifests the face of the Other and not Its own.

Pursuit of Our Dreams

There is nothing that cannot be achieved through concentration.

In all esoteric traditions in which the aspirant is initiated into the way for the attainment of truth the most important requirement is the intense longing for the goal. It and it alone if held with consistency brings about the result.

This though first appearing as a mystery turns out to be a universal structure of consciousness. Intense longing does not actually create a result; the result, the goal, is always there in the universe but only potentially. Intense longing is rather a ritual on the part of seeker to show the extent to which it gives itself to the goal, a ritual for winning her heart; and the extent to which we give ourselves to the goal the goal gives itself to us.

Intense longing is no mere curiosity, no hobby, no entertainment. I should long for the goal to the extent that I can no more imagine myself being separate from it. Thus, intense longing is a demand on our part, or more precisely the display of our demand, from the universe of pure potentiality. The goal is always already inside the aspirant in the seed form; to desire this goal is to feed it, to take care of it, to watch it 24/7, and to become the protective fence around it. The seed cannot but grow, for it is its nature to grow wherever there is fertile soil. To attain a dream we should become the fertile soil for it.

The pursuit of a dream is our spiritual response to a calling. Although it appears that we choose and seek the dream, it is in fact the dream that seeks us; it is pure potentiality that wants to be actualized in and through us, thus it calls upon us. Being pure potentiality the dream always appears in the form of an idea. Idea wants to be realized and it chooses you for this realization. Dream, thus, is a call from the ideal universe upon us so we take the ideal and make it into the real. The key behind this process is intense longing.

There is always a world against us and the pursuit of our dream; but this is precisely where the longing comes in; this is itself a test to see if we are worthy of a dream and its realization. The goal has to see if we choose the world or it. To attain to the goal we must always choose the goal no matter what the other options are. This is a filtering process through which the dream picks only those who would give everything for it. The choice of the world is the force of inertia in us; we are naturally inclined to accept the choice of the mass or at least shake in the face of it. But the mass never really makes a choice. Mass is made of individuals; each one of them chooses based on the choice of the others, but the others too choose based on the choice of some others, etc. Thus, the others that make the choice are really anonymous. It is this anonymity that is used by the corporate power who makes the choice of the mass without them even knowing it; it appears to people that they make their choices but the very criteria based on which choices are made are always anonymous and simply accepted. The average man is in fact anonymous; he is no one, for its individuality is not his own, though it is made to appear so. He doesn’t live the life of any body, though the illusion is give to him that he is someone, perhaps even a celebrity worst of all. The celebrity is he/she who is chosen by the mass of fans; but the fans’ choice is determined by the anonymous others mentioned above. Therefore, there is no life and no individuality except in the case of a dreamer who constantly chooses the dream over everything else, even with the price of being a nobody within the context of the accepted world.

Dreaming is always scorned by the many; we hear a lot from them, “be real.” Ironically their reality is a one defined and chosen by other dreamers! Your dreaming is a threat to the mundane lives of the anonymous men and women of the mass. But whenever there is someone around us, and there always is, who is threatened by our dreams he/she is the someone that should not be in our life. This itself, the choosing of our dream over the ones who belittle it, is another display of our desire for the attainment of them goal, and hence a necessary step toward the end. It doesn’t matter whether those who undermine the dignity of our dreams are relatives, family members, wives or husbands or children or parents; they have to go if the dream matters at all.

To choose a dream is not just the entertainment of an idea; to choose a dream is to choose everything that is harmonious with it and choose to leave behind everything that is against it. Relationships are conventional; dreams are universal.

Truth became man so that man may become the truth.