I have become world-loose again; warm and detached, I am nearing the sun that melts the shackles of these cunning appearances.

I have a foot out, a foot in; an illusive essence and a human mask, a wavelength and a momentum. I’m not in the world, and not of it, at least tonight.

The world has drained me out of existence to fund its own existence; it borrows its being from me. But tonight I have taken back my lot, my existence, my full being; and the world has become empty and null.

The world is a skeleton of my own ideas animated by the light of my being. The world in which I once found myself has now, tonight, found itself in me again.

Tonight, I have stepped outside this imaginary river of Being and Becoming, outside this human play. Tonight I see that I’m at once the this and the that, I’m the thief and the king, I’m the sage and the sinner. I’m at once all things and none.

Tonight, I’m home again: I’m the world-dreaming void who has woken up from the human drama.

Tonight I am everyone and everything, I am everywhere and everywhen.