In the face of truth everything is mere opinion. To face the truth is to face away from opinions, and above all to face away from opinions about truth. What stands between man and truth is the baggage of his convictions. In the path toward the source our ideas and symbols are only to play the role of a ladder, for they are designed to be transcended rather than dwelled upon, and that until we are ready to face the Sun. And facing It is not an instance of looking upon it or an intellectual or rational grasping but rather becoming one with it, for truth being infinite and total cannot be looked upon; it contains all that there is. Knowledge of truth is a matter of self-knowledge. To experience truth is to self-experience oneself in one’s infinite glory. There is nothing more dangerous than the irresponsible New Age spirituality which tries to offer salvation without purging the individual from the malaise of the modern point of view, a point of view essentially Spiritless and utterly false.

A man or woman who looks upon him/herself as a psycho-physical entity lacking a sense of sacred can never truly become spiritual. Spirituality has two indispensable dimensions: Doctrine and method. One without the other can only make life hell for this rotten meatball that man has become. Doctrine is metaphysical and never physical, scientific, or philosophical; thus it must come from revealed traditions which were yet at a safe distance from a series of damnations known as Renaissance, Reformation, and The Age of Enlightenment.

If the traditional man was a sinner it was only relative to God, something infinitely above himself. If the modern man is free and rational it is only relative to the beast, something finitely below himself. Thus, if modernism seems to have made a better humanity it is only because it lowered the ideal from the infinitely above to something below; it never made a better man but a worse ideal: Modern man looks great but feels terrible, for he has no place in the new cosmos. The existential nausea of Sartre speaks to this unfortunate occasion more than we can say about it.