The Face of the Father

My father, the father whose sight is the most shocking and the most unbearable for the wicked and the fainthearted; he is the father whose face removes all thoughts and doubts, whose glance robs the heart of all attachment to the mundane.

Knowledge of truth, the face of the father, is the most disturbing of all sights, for it is utterly other than anything we could ever expect or imagine. Its face shatters all illusions; then and only then one realizes the extent to which one is entangled in illusion; then and only then one sees for the first time, by a seeing never seen before, that the loftiest thoughts and ideas were none but figments of imagination, that spirituality was as worldly as the world itself. Truth transcends the world; it is beyond both spiritual and material prejudices.

One who sees the face of the father becomes the quietest of all beings; he is gone and will never return, for he knows that man and his world are identical with absolute oblivion and no more.

10 thoughts on “The Face of the Father

    1. This supreme reality is also God but God devoid of all limiting adjuncts that we add to it. It is the absolute and the infinite God. From the point of the view of the absolute (though contradiction in terms) man and his world is non-existent. God is all that there is. God bless you.

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  1. Very nice, post. Blessed are those who had the glimpse of his face, for it dries up all illusions like the morning sun drying up dew!

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  2. ‘Tis a ‘narrow road’, indeed. Have been on this ‘path’ for so many years, have been blessed by grace on many occasions; yet, the final ‘dissolving’ is still not granted. I can in no way partake of ‘the world’ since that illusion is long gone…so am in the very grey ‘limbo’ space. No going back, too late for that and no ‘movement’ (knowing there is no ‘movement’) ‘forward’ (speaking relatively.)
    All in ‘God’s’ time and will I suppose.

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    1. Surely in God’s time. It happens precisely when it is supposed to, when the soul is prepared to withstand the intense radiation of transcendental experience. As long as the intention of the heart is the attainment of truth no step of the way is in vain; at the exact moment of liberation it will be immediately known to you that every single second of the way was necessary for you to get to this point. We are always in the right path insofar as we long for truth. Only before the realization we must hold onto the faith that none of it is in vain; after realization we need faith no more, for one who has seen it needs not believe in it anymore. And if it takes time it is only for the sake of ourselves; mystics speak of the dangerous nature of the naked truth. The way is not really a workshop for preparation which is none other than transcending the ego; this is necessary since at the moment of liberation the ego instantly dies; it is annihilated; if we are not prepared for that it either doesn’t happen or if it does it will lead to insanity or suicide. Truth is the inner guide. It is guaranteed to happen. 🙂 God bless you


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